About Us

Plant a Tree Foundation is a non-profit organization that was setup for the purpose of planting trees in the
names of our children so we can all share a greener tomorrow.

Plant a Tree Foundation has been contributing to not only educating children on the importance of planting trees but actually
physically taking part in planting them.

Every year 6 Billion trees are cut down.

Individually each person on earth consumes 7-8 trees worth of oxygen a year.


Now add how many trees a person uses in their lifetime due to housing and wood byproducts such as furniture, paper, packaging, etc. Do the math, there just isn’t enough trees to sustain mankind’s existence.


Plant a Tree Foundation realized this inevitable consequence of the world’s consumption of wood and the affects that it would have on the next generation and created a method and a system that would counter this dilemma. Simply plant enough trees to continue to sustain life, as we know it on earth.

Plant a Tree Foundation has committed to do just that.

We aim to plant trees in the names of children showing them the importance of planting and allowing them direct association to the trees that were planted in their names.


Our Cause :

To replant America by planting trees using our dynamic planting system and strategies, to mass multiply our efforts using methods simple enough to replicate nationally.

Thank you for taking a moment to help tomorrow’s children.